Amsterdam Guide 


Places to visit in Amsterdam 

Canals - probably the main attraction of the city are the canals which are arranged as four concentric semicircles that connect to the riverfront. Just wander along these and you will see most of what the city has to offer. The original unguided tour!

                                                                                     Amsterdam canals Netherlands

The Oude Kerk - is Amsterdamís oldest parish church, consecrated in 1306 by the bishop of Utrecht. 

The Royal Palace - built in the 17th century as a town hall it is now used by the Dutch Royal Family. 

Dam Square - the largest and best know square in the city - where The Royal Palace is located. 

                  Amsterdam Business District Holland Amsterdam Business District

Red Light District (De Wallen) - famous the world over and well worth a look (or two) - small sex shops intermingled with cafes, bars and classy restaurants. 

Van Gogh Museum - a wide selection of the masters works. Houses works by other artists as well. 

Anne Frank Huis - where Anna Frank hid and wrote her diary.

Rijksmuseum - huge collection of old masters. Under going restoration until 2013.


Vondelpark - large park in the city popular with locals and visitors.


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