Berlin Guide 

Berlin is the capital of Germany and its largest city with around 3.4 million citizens. Following German reunification in 1990, the city regained its status as the capital of all Germany - it is located in the east of the country towards the Polish border. 

After extensive damage sustained during World War II and nearly fifty years under Soviet rule Berlin has been rebuilt into a modern city that is now thriving. It is a popular destination for tourists who are drawn by its history, its vibrant atmosphere and zeitgeist.  

Places to visit in Berlin

The Reichstag - the historic home of the German Government. The building dates from 1894 and was the seat of government until 1933 and the rise of the Nazi party. The building was badly damaged during World War II and was left unattended during the era od Soviet rule. The building was restored and redeveloped after reunification and it opened in 1999 as the seat of the German government - the Bundestag.

Brandenburg Gate - Built in 1791 one of eighteen gates into the old city; became a potent symbol of the divided city when the Berlin Wall was in place. 

                                                  Brandenburg Gate Berlin Brandenburg Gate 

Museum Island - is the name of the northern half of an island in the Spree river in the central Mitte district of Berlin. There are five museums on the island - Old Museum, New Museum, the Old National Gallery, Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum. In total there are around 150 museums in Berlin. 

Berlin Cathedral -  is located on Museum Island in the Mitte borough. There have been several churches on this site but the present building dates from 1893 and is built in the neo-Renaissance style. 

Charlottenburg Palace - is the largest palace in Berlin and the only building in the city dating back to the time of the Hohenzollern family. It is located in the Charlottenburg district of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf burough. The original palace was commissioned by Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Friedrich III, Elector of Brandenburg in the 17th century. There are large gardens to the rear of the building.


The Berlin Zoological Garden - is the oldest and best known zoo in Germany. Opened in 1844 it comprises an area of 35 hectares and is located in Berlin's Tiergarten (please note - there is another zoo called the Tierpark). With almost 1,500 different species and around 16,000 animals the zoo presents the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

Potsdamer Platz - Berlin's newest development site with ultra-modern new office towers. A small section of the Berlin Wall can be seen in the square. 

Kurfurstdamm - Berlin's main shopping street. 

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