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The quick travel guide to the Czech Republic and Prague


The Czech Republic is located in central Europe and shares borders with Germany to the east, Poland to the north east, the Slovak Republic to the south east and Austria to the south. Until 1989 he Czech and Slovak Republics were united in one entity called Czechoslovakia - the split was by mutual consent and there was no conflict involved. 

There are two main regions within the Czech Republic - to the west the plateau of Bohemia and lowlands of Moravia to east. The area of Bohemia is drained by the rivers Elbe and Vltava while Moravia has the Morava River and the Oder which rises in this region. There are low mountains along the border with Germany and Poland; respectively these are the Ore Mountains and Sudeten Highlands. The highest point in the country is Snezka at 1602 m which is in the Sudeten range.


The capital city, Prague is near the centre of the country, it has a population of 1,285,000. Some  94% of the population are Czechs and Slovaks are 1.9%. The official languages are Czech and Slovak. The Czech Republic joined NATO on 12 March 1999 and the European Union on 1 May 2004. It held the Presidency of the European Union for the first half of 2009. The currency is the Czech koruna (one koruna equals 100 haléru).

The Czech Republic has a temperate continental climate, with relatively hot summers and cold, cloudy and snowy winters. Most rain falls during the summer. The temperature difference between summer and winter is relatively high, due to the landlocked geographical position. Typical summer temperatures are 25C and above while in winter the average is often below freezing with snow on the ground.


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