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Travel Guide to Belgium

Belgium has lots to offer the visitor but is not a major tourist destination. Most visitors head for Brussels first - see Brussels page. Most of Belgium is low lying with the only hills being towards the Ardennes area in the south. Ostend lies on the North Sea coast but this is a commercial port rather than a resort.

Places to visit in Belgium

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and has its own page - Brussels

Antwerp - is Belgium's second largest city, it noted for its architecture, style and diamond dealing. 

                        Antwerp - Grote Market   Antwerp - Grote Market 

Bruges - Belgium's famous medieval city; with population of only 115,000 but with a large number of visitors it is still worth a visit. It is a World Heritage Site for its architecture and canals; often referred to as 'the Venice of the north'. 


                                                                   Bruges canals      Bruges canals 

Ardennes - An extensive area of hills, steep valleys and forest on the border between Belgium and Luxembourg, rises to around 650 meters. Also home of the famous pate. 

Belgian beer - amazingly Belgium produces around 1100 varieties of beer including award winning beers from several Trappist monasteries and also several Abbey beers. Some of the best known types of beer are; amber beer, blonde or golden ale, Flemish red and wheat beers. You can do your own research to find your favourite tipple!


Belgian chocolate - Belgium is equally famous for its excellent chocolate which is widely appreciated around the world. Famous brands include Guylian Cote D'Or and Leonidas. 


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