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Travel Guide to the Czech Republic

There are two main regions to the Czech Republic, Bohemia to the west and Moravia to the east. Bohemia is a plateau area drained by the Rivers Elbe and Vitava while Moravia is a low lands area that is the source of the River Oder. 

While the main tourist destination is Prague there are a lot of other attractions in the country including; old towns, spas, and castles and chateaux.   

Places to visit in the Czech Republic

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and has its own page Prague


Karlštejn Castle - Located about 30 km southwest of Prague above the village named Karlštejn, it is one of the most famous and most frequently visited castles in the Czech Republic. Built in the 14th century for Emperor Charles IV

                                                  Karlstejn Castle Karlstejn Castle

Kutna Hora - Medieval town that was founded on silver mining, now a World Heritage Site; located around 50kms east of Prague. Look out for the Sedlec Ossary - contains the bones of more than 50,000 people; the Czech Silver Museum and the Old Town area. 

Terezín -  is the name of a former military fortress and garrison town dating from the 18th century; later used as a concentration camp by the Germans during World War II. 

Karlovy Vary - Picturesque spa town in western Bohemia with hot springs and therapies founded in 1370 - aka Carlsbad. Other Czech spa town are - Mariánské Lázne and Františkovy Lázne

Ceske Budejovice - attractive medieval town that is the home of Budvar beer - which gave rise to Budweiser in the USA. The town is bisected by the Vltava River and numerous bridges join the different sectors; medieval town houses overlook the central square (see photo below). Brewery tours can be organised - take care! 

                              Ceske Budejovice                Cesky Krumlov

                                                       Ceske Budejovice                                                                          Cesky Krumlov 

Ceský Krumlov - A small city in south Bohemia with a large and imposing castle overlooking the Vltava River. The old part of the city and the castle date from the early 14th century; - it is a World Heritage Site. As well as the castle visit the Old Town square, Egon Schiele Art Gallery and Eggenberg Brewery.  

Telc - is a 13th century town in southern Moravia, with Renaissance and baroque town houses. It has now been fully resorted and is a World Heritage Site. Also worth a look is Olomouc which is much quieter than the more famous Czech destinations - it has an historic Old Town, a university founded in 1573 and numerous impressive churches. 

Bohemian Switzerland National Park - (České Švýcarsko National Park) is located in the north of the country near the border with Germany; it consists deep gorges and sandstones ridges along the banks of the Elbe River. 


Food and Drink

Beer - Czech beers are renown throughout the world; Pilsner style beers were invented here at Pelzen and Budvar or Budweiser is world famous. 

Slivovitz - is plum brandy and is very popular in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. 

Svícková na smetane - is a signature Czech dish, consisting of marinated beef with Czech dumplings. 

Knedlo zelo vepto - a popular Bohemian dish consisting of bread dumplings, sauerkraut and roast pork. 

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