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Riga is the capital of Latvia and has its own page Riga

Cesis is a small town that lies to the north east of Riga. It contains two ruined castles and a pictureque park, period houses and narrow cobbled streets. The castle was started in 1209 by the Knights of the Sword for the Master of the Order. It was wrecked by the Russian army in 1703 and has remained a ruin. There is now a museum in a restored part of the castle. 

                Cesis Castle Latvia       Rundale Palace Latvia 

                                                 Cesis Castle                                                                                        Rundale Palace 

Rundale Palace - is a baroque style palace around 50 km south of Riga. It was constructed during the 1730s for the Duke of Courland but soon changed hands as he fell from grace. in the 20th century it was occupied by the Germans during WWI then became a school after the was and was even used as a grains store for a while. It is now a museum and around forty rooms are open to the pubic. 

Jurmala - is a resort town in Latvia, about 25 kilometres west of Riga. It has a 33 km stretch of white-sand beach, and is popular with locals and tourists for its spa treatments which are available in some hotels. There are many colourful wooden houses in town in the art nouveau style. 

Liepaja is surrounded by water. There is the Baltic Sea coast, two big lakes, some smaller one, four canals in the city. There is a large seaside park where concerts are held in summer. Karosta, the northern part of the city, used to be a secret soviet military town and still looks it!

Sigulda - a popular town around 40 km from Riga with two interesting castles and several historic places. The most popular attraction outside Riga for foreign tourists. Surprisingly there is a bob sleigh run in the town (installed by the Russians) which can be used in summer (with wheels) as well; there is also a bungee jump and an aerodium - a wind tunnel that blasts you into the air. 


Kuldiga - was once the the capital of the Duchy of Courland and was part of the Hanseatic League today it is popular with tourists who come to see the historic centre of the town. Old wooden buildings abound dating from the 17th and 18th centuries; there is also an historic brick bridge from the same period. The Venta rapids just outside town are another feature worth a look. 

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