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Travel Guide to Lithuania

Lithuania is the southern most of the Baltic states and also the largest by area. Located on the Baltic Sea, the country has plenty of natural and man made attractions for the visitor.

Places to visit in Lithuania

Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania has its own page - Vilnius

Aukštaitija National Park - in the east of the country and is a place of picturesque hills, lakes and forests. The park has abundant wildlife including; elk, deer, wild boar and golden eagles. 

Druskininkai - lies in southern Lithuania on the Neman river, it is the main spa resort in the country. The town is also famous for Gruto Parkas which is a Soviet style sculpture park - many exhibits were located in towns across the country while under Soviet occupation. It also plays loud Russian music at visitors - its all a bit tongue in cheek! 

           Hill of Crosses Siaulial         Curonia Spit Lithuania 

                                               Hill of Crosses                                                                                     Curonia Spit  

Siauliai - is the forth largest city in Lithuania, located in northern Lithuania. The town suffered a huge amount of damage during both World Wars and was rebuilt by the Soviets in the 50's and 60's - it not very pretty but has a plan for regeneration and the buzz of optimism about it. The main draw for tourist is the incredible Hill of Crosses to the north of the town. Reputedly started in the 14th century but largely destroyed in the Soveit era the crosses have now been restored and added to, there are an estimated 100,000 crosses at present. 

The Curonian Spit - is a 98 km long sand spit in the south of the country, mostly covered in pine forest. It creates a huge lagoon on the eastern side and is now a nature reserve occupied by elk, deer and many species of bird. The area is notable for it sand dunes, some of which rise above the tree tops. The southern section of the spit lies in the Kaliningrad Oblast which is Russian territory.  

Seaside resorts - there are two main resorts - Palanga is considered to be the lively capital of summer; whereas Neringa is regarded as the area of natural beauty and quietness.


Trakai Island Castle - is located in Trakai, Lithuania on an island of Lake Galve. Built during the 14th century for Kestutis, Duke of Trakai. Forms part of the Trakai Historical National Park which has details of the Karaite people who built the castle; they emigrated from the Crimea around 1400. 

Panemune Castle is a castle in Vytenai, Jurbarkas district, Lithuania. completed in 1610 and rebuilt in 1759 some of the castle has been restored recently. 

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