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Travel Guide to Sweden 

Sweden is a large country with a relatively low population which makes for lots of space per person. Much of Sweden is covered in forest - 65% in fact and so the outdoor life has great appeal in the country. 

Places to visit in Sweden

Stockholm - is the capital of Sweden and its largest city, it has its own page - Stockholm

Gothenburg - is Sweden's second city and is situated on the west coast. It is a port as well and has a long maritime history. Gothenburg has a student population of around 60,000 so its quite a lively place. There are a lot of museums to visit including; the Art Museum, City Museum and the Maritime Museum. 

Uppsala - is also a University town with two Universities and many old buildings. It also has the oldest Cathedral in Sweden dating from the 13th century. It also has a castle and several museums and a botanical garden. 

                    Uppsala Cathedral                Gothenburg Sweden 

                                         Uppsala Cathedral                                                                          Gothenburg

Gotland - is Sweden's largest island situated in the Baltic Sea. Visit the capital of the island, Visby which is a well preserved medieval walled city; its a World Heritage Site. 

Vänern - is Sweden's largest lake and is over 150 km long and around 80km wide. It is a popular holiday destination for Swedes and hotels should be booked early. 

Vättern - the second largest lake in Sweden and popular for fishing and holidays, there are several towns on the lakeside. 

Scandinavian Mountains - lie on the border between Norway and Sweden and stretch for 1700kms. While they are not particularly high there are 12 peaks above 2000m - with the highest Swedish mountain being Kebnekaise at 2104m. 

Lappland - lies in the extreme north of Sweden and consists of around 50% of the total area of Lappland, the other 50% lies in Finland. Arvidsjaur is the main town for the area with a population of around 5,000. 


Kiruna - is the most northen city is Sweden and is a popular destination in both summer and winter. The northern location makes it a good place to observe the northern lights, and snow cover generally lasts from October to May. People visit to hunt and fish and try dog sledding also an Ice Hotel with an ice bar attracts tourists from all over the world.

Ski Resorts - Two of the main resorts are; Åre - one of Sweden's largest ski resorts, with 44 lifts and Vemdalen with 10 lifts. 

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