Riga Guide

Riga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States. It is located on the banks of the Daugava River and is renown for its art nouveau architecture and contemporary attitude. Riga will be the European Capital of Culture 2014. 

Places to visit in Riga

Old Town - The centre of Riga is a World Heritage Site with many fine restored buildings.

               Old Town Riga           Riga skyline Latvia 

                                           Old Town Riga                                                                                Riga riverfront       

Riga Zoo - is located on the bank of Kišezers lake and has around 3000 animals.

St. Peter's Church - Is Riga's oldest church dating from 1209 the view from the the spire is outstanding. 

The Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts - is housed in the former St Georges Church and is an impresive collection of textiles, woodcuts and ceramics.  

Riga Castle - dating from 1330 the castle is located near the Old Town boundary it also houses two museums; the National History Museum of Latvia and The History Museum. 

Saeima - the Latvian parliament is located in this Florentine Renaissance building. 

Dome Cathedral - which is regarded as a symbol of Riga dates from 1211 - it houses one of the largest church organs in the world with 6768 pipes.  

Museum of the Barricades of 1991 - tells the story of the revolution of 1991 when Soviet troops were sent to the city.

Riga's Art Nouveau Centre - located in the former home of one of the city's main architects of the period.


Freedom Monument - dates from 1935 and shows Liberty holding 3 gold stars. 

Esplanade Park


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