Tallinn Guide

Tallinn is the largest city and capital of Estonia with a population of around 410,000. It is a located in the north of the country overlooking the Gulf of Finland. Tallinn is a modern city and port with an ancient heart of well preserved medieval buildings. It has become a popular tourist destination since leaving the Soviet Empire in 1990. Parts of the Old Town became a World Heritage Site in 1997

 Places to visit in Tallinn

Upper Town (Toompea) - Here you will find Castrum Danorum, the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Lutheran Cathedral (Toomkirik) and the old Estonian Royal Palace now the Parliament building.

Lower Town (All-Linn) - see the Town Hall square, the town walls and towers - notably "Fat Margaret" and "Kiek in de Kök". 

Kadriorg Palace - the former palace of Peter the Great, built just after the Great Northern War, now houses (part of) the Art Museum of Estonia. 

                                                               Tallinn Estonia

Freedom Square - on the edge of the Old Town.

Tallinn City Museum - traces the development of the city from its early beginnings in the 12th century.

Rotermann Quarter - former factory and warehouse site that has been redeveloped into a trendy shopping and restaurant area. 

St Catherines Passage - ancient passage way that is now home to numerous craft workshops making glassware, quilts hats and pottery. 

                                           St Catherines Passage - Tallinn Estonia                     Tallinn business district 

                                                          Tallinn - old town                                                              Tallinn business district

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds - site of open air concerts.


Tallinn Zoo - with around 300 species of animal.

Beaches - there are two main beaches near Tallinn, these are Pirita and Stroomi, there is a local bus service.   

Eating - look out for the restaurants serving traditional food such as jellied pork, marinated eel, Baltic sprats, stewed sauerkraut, pea soup and, at Christmas, - blood sausage! Oh they do have beer as well - to wash it all down - try A. Le Coq and Saku Originaal 

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